What is a State Delegate?

The Maryland State House of Delegates is the lower house of the Maryland State Legislature. The House has 141 members who each represent one district, which results in about 42,382 constituents per representative. Primary responsibilities of a house representative include developing budget packages, making taxation decisions, passing legislation, allocating spending, and redistricting in collaboration with other house members and the state senate. Additionally, the house has the exclusive authority to impeach state officials, who will then be tried by the senate. A house member serves a four-year term.

Prioritizing Seniors

Senior citizens are the backbone of our community, but are also some of the most vulnerable and ignored in our society. As a caretaker for her grandmother, Januari understands the importance of policies that will help our senior residents. Januari will work to lower the cost of prescription drugs, support universal long-term care, and rent stabilization, especially for those on fixed incomes. 

Strengthening Public Education

We must make sure that every child succeeds in our school system and ensure our youth are college and or career ready upon graduation. Januari supports investing in Early Childhood Education including Universal Preschool as well as competitive pay for educators and investment in their professional development. 

Investing in Our Workforce

Far too many residents in our county are either unemployed or underemployed. Januari will work to pass policies that create living-wage jobs that allow families to live with dignity, especially in the emerging industries of the future. She will also advocate for policies that connect residents to skilled trades through union apprenticeship programs. 

Affordable Housing for All 

 Our region is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. A key driver of this is the high cost of housing, including rising rents and high property taxes. Januari will work to limit increases to the cost of housing and grow our communities stock of high-quality affordable housing.