Meet Januari

Januari McKay is a youth advocate and community educator with over fifteen years of experience in the fields of youth development, reproductive health, and political organizing. She has partnered with and worked for various national and community organizations, leading public health initiatives and developing young leaders. Dedicated to civic engagement, Januari has mobilized and led voter turnout efforts for presidential, gubernatorial, and local elections. In her capacity, she has coordinated national programming, awareness days,international conferences and voter turnout efforts producing advantageous results.

Januari was raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where she attended Francis Scott Key Elementary School, Andrew Jackson Middle School, and Central High School. She then attended North Carolina Central University, where earning a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Her studies as a Health Education minor ultimately shaped her passion for working with young people through education, outreach, and advocacy.

After graduation, Januari returned home to Maryland to continue her advocacy work for reproductive and public health in various fundraising positions. While working in this field, Januari began to notice how many individuals needed to be connected with social resources. She also witnessed the effects police brutality and a lack of accountability for law enforcement officers were having on the community. At this time, Januari decided to use her personal and professional experiences to become a case manager and provide direct services to young people. Through her work in the child welfare system, Januari has experienced how our state and local governments work – and how often they don’t work – for the people hurting most.

Over the past four years, Januari has been an active member of the civic engagement ministry at her church. She has coordinated educational workshops to inform Prince George’s County residents on various issues facing the community, planned candidate forums, led voter engagement and turnout efforts, and conducted Advocacy 101 training for community members. In 2021, Januari co-led a Social Justice Hackathon that identified pressing issues faced by Prince George’s County residents and worked with community members and subject matter experts to develop potential solutions to share with legislators.
Januari’s goal is to eliminate barriers to economic growth, health, wellness, and civic engagement. As a community activist, she has worked tirelessly to harness and share knowledge and tools with the community to organize and rally around relevant issues, especially those targeting youth and the barriers they experience as they grow and develop. Januari remains committed to an infinite belief in the district’s capacity to prosper.